Rose Colored Glasses

January 28th, 2013

eye candy

eye candy

What on earth are those you may ask? They’re fabulously beaded glasses, what else?!

I got these red sunglasses in a goodie bag at an event of some sort, and never really used them. With the exception of when I popped out the lenses and wore them as an accessory to a “mad-scientist” costume last halloween, these glasses mostly hung out at the bottom of a drawer. Until.. ah ha! With a little bit of glue, a bunch of beads, and a bit of time, I transformed these throw-away glasses into a fun conversation piece for a bookshelf, coffee table or even your face! Here’s how YOU can create these in a flash!


ready, set, go!


1. Hot glue gun

2. Old pair of glasses

3. Assorted beads & buttons


silver & gold

All this DIY takes, is a bit of time. I spread a little hot glue on the outer surface of the glasses and secured the beads section by section. The goal is to cover every surface with a bead or button, so settle in and get to work one bead at a time!

Section #1

Section #1

Quick Tip – To secure the buttons in place, glue small beads around the base to keep it in place.


Section #2

I wanted to create an unexpected arrangement for the beads and buttons. I didn’t want it to be too symmetrical, so I went with this corky design.

cute a button!

cute a button!

my favorite part

my favorite part

The last step is to find these decorative eyeglasses a home. Check out some options I thought were cute.


group with similar colors

as a headband

as a headband

where's waldo?

where’s waldo?


hanging with the family