Travel Photo Display

Have you noticed lately how the book “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” by Dr Seuss is suddenly everyone’s theme for everything? From The Rose Parade to Graduation Parties to Nursery Walls it seems it’s right up there with the Kardashian/West baby in terms of google search hierarchy.

And you know me, never one to turn down a good theme I wanted to incorporate it into my own photo display. This is sort of my version of the old ‘sand from beaches around the world’ thing.

The whole idea was inspired by my finding these red frames on clearance… I thought they’d be cool on the white walls in my hallway. If you can’t find colored frames you could always spray paint, or just rock some black frames. All that matters it that each frame is the same style and color.

Next I found some of our favorite travel photos and had them printed in black and white. Then I put a little piece of white tape in the bottom right corner of each and wrote the locale and the date.

In the end we laid them out of the floor so we could figure out the best way to place each and then hung them up one by one. Over time we hope to add to the gallery, so I bought several extra red frames just in case.

3 Responses to “Travel Photo Display”

  1. Lesley

    I love this idea! Now I just have to relinquish my fear of putting holes in my walls and start hanging up some artwork.

  2. Rachel

    Lesley, have no fear!! That’s what putty is for… if you make a mistake it takes two seconds to spackle over it… or just cover the whole with a photo and no one is the wiser!

  3. Mistie M

    I love this idea, I am actually in the process of having a gallery wall/collage in our living room of family pictures and just fun times. Although all of the frames do not match, I still believe it will look great. Once I am done I will post a picture!

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