12 Chic Moments of 2012

I am fairly new to the My Chic Life family, which means I read through the posts of 2012 just like anyone else. From Rachel’s “Momfessions,” recipes and decor ideas, Mandy’s one-of-a-kind “DIY nots?” and Melody’s delicious treats, I have to say that these ladies rocked it this past year! Here is my 12 favorite Chic Moments of 2012!

Ready for a Picnic

1. Quinoa Salad

I have a blind love for almost anything that includes a mason jar, but fill it with quinoa salad and it takes it to the next level. This is not only beautiful to look at, but so light and healthy.


6 bucks? What?

2. Just Dowel It

I am always in need of more art for my apartment. I just don’t think there’s no such thing as too much. This is why when I saw Mandy’s DIY wall art, I thought to myself: “I should make that!” This art especially appeals to me because it’s SO easy, inexpensive and customizable to any decor colors.


Say What?

3. Homemade Applesauce Donuts

Confession: I don’t especially like donuts. HOWEVER, when I saw Melody’s applesauce donuts I about fell out of my chair. How good do these look? I’m pretty sure these would convert me to a full-fledged donut lover.


The Cuties

4. Rachel goes to the Oscars

It’s not every day that you get to go to the OSCARS! It was so fun following Rachel’s experience of going to her first Oscars night. I loved that we got the full breakdown of the dress, the food, the entertainment… It was like we were all there with her!

Modern Day Moonshine

5. Infused Vodka

It never even occurred to me to infuse my own vodka until I saw this post. It’s so easy and really fun to transform your own alcohol! FYI, the vanilla pear is to die for!

Sweet Treat

6. Milk n’ Cookie Shooters

Why didn’t I think of that? This one makes me want to invite all my girlfriends over for a movie night and surprise them with these as a midnight snack. I can only imagine their faces!


7. Goat Cheese Crostinis

These Hurried Hostess videos have been so fun to film with Rachel. This Goat Cheese Crostini was too good for words. Not only did I devour 4 immediately after the shoot, but I made them for my family’s Christmas day celebration and ate about 25 more. So delicious.

How We Stack Up

8. Vintage Suitcase Night Stand

The Hollis’ guest bedroom is really chic. I love the colors and artwork, but my absolute favorite detail is this side table made of vintage suitcases. It’s a great statement piece.

Arrrrr Matey

9. Pirate Booty Cupcakes

These cupcakes are Booty-ful! I love that Melody made the cupcakes look like a sandy beach. If I was a 4 year old Sawyer, I would be pretty excited!

All In a Row

10. Kitchen Tool Art Work

I’ve always loved re-purposed decor items. Why throw something out when you can create a entirely new function for it? These vintage kitchen tools have such a great design and color aesthetic.


11. Drinks Are On Me

These DIY coasters are another one of Mandy’s brilliantly simple, chic and inexpensive decor ideas. Another unique way to spruce up any coffee table with rubber-bands and spray paint!


Look Ma, No Hands!

12. Apple Pie Bites

“You’re the apple of my eye.” I wish I could carry a bite sized pie in my purse every day. These look delicious, and the personalization is so sweet.

Comment below and let me know what YOUR favorite Chic moment of 2012 is.
Happy New Year!