Fancy Chalkboard

About two years ago I decided I wanted to make my own “fancy” chalkboard. Meaning, I kept seeing cool chalkboards in gilded frames and I wanted one too. That weekend I went to a flea market and bought a cool frame… and two years later, I turned that frame into a chalkboard. My projects might take a while sometimes, but eventually I’ll get there and the end result will be beautiful!

What You’ll Need

1 Empty Frame – preferably something “fancy”

Particle Board or some other wood that would be easy to cut out


Chalkboard Paint

A dense foam roller brush

A jigsaw

Duct Tape – if necessary

Moxy… ok, so you don’t actually need moxy, but it never hurts

So we’ll need to start by cutting out the board. Start by laying your frame down on the wood and tracing out the appropriate size for your frame. Now you have a guide to run your saw along.

Now, I’m on a first name basis with my jigsaw (his is Roberto by the by) but if you’re unsure how to use one you can watch this handy video HERE. If you don’t own a saw, or the idea of using one terrifies you then take your measurements down to the nearest Lowes or Home Depot and ask one of the strapping lads in the wood department to cut out a piece for you. They usually charge a few buck per cut, but I’ve found that if you ask nicely they wont charge you for a little job like this. You may have to test the board a few times (I had to trim my edges a couple of times before it fit snugly inside the frame)

Now, once you’ve cut out your board you’ll need to prime it (so the chalkboard paint has something to stick to). In my case I’d already primed this board back in the day when I made THIS CRAFT so I was ready to paint using leftover chalkboard from THIS CRAFT.

Next use a dense roller brush to apply the chalkboard paint. Then I let it dry for an hour before applying a second coat.

Once the paint dried I placed it into the frame. Because mine fit so snug I didn’t need anything to hold it in place but if you need to you can use duct tape to hold it in place… After all, no one can see the back of the frame.

The frame made it’s appearance on our entryway table along with a vintage picture, a vintage mirror I spray painted and all our holiday cards. Once the season passes I plan to write different fun quotes throughout the year.

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