Blackboard Wall

December 11th, 2012

Smitten Studios

I mean, really, what did we do with ourselves before Pinterest? How did we plan a wedding? How did we figure out the best wreath for our front door come holiday season?? How did we know how to decorate a room??? Your guess is as good as mine people.

Case and Point: I saw the photo above on a friend’s board and fell madly in love with the idea from Smitten Studios. So in love in fact, that I promptly went out and bought blackboard paint and set out to create my own special wall. In today’s post, I’m not necessarily teaching you how-to. Because really, I just painted a wall. What I hope I’m inspiring you to do is take a risk. I saw this photo, I went out that day, I painted my wall. I have friends who would have debated whether or not it was logical to turn a whole wall into a blackboard. They would have hemmed and hawed for at least 17 years and by then the whole blackboard thing would have been long over, having been replaced by levitating walls, or laser walls or whatever cool futuristic decor bloggers haven’t even dreamed up yet.

Anywho, the point is… it’s just paint. If it turned out to be hideous, I could have painted it right back. No one’s spleen would have ruptured, in other words, it’s not that big a deal. I hope this might inspire you to try something daring… black walls, grain sacks as drapery, white after Labor Day… go wild!

First of all, I had to choose which wall to go blackboard on… I went with a random shaped wall right next to my desk. I love inspiration walls and having it next to my work space inspires me, which I guess, is the point.

See, that’s me… I know, it’s probably the best I’ve ever looked, don’t be jealous. I went out to Home Depot and bought some blackboard paint. Just ask the friendly people at the paint station and they’ll tell you where to go. You can also get it at Michael’s or online. I used a sponge roller brush (per the paint boxes instructions) and went to town. Two coats later it turned into this.

Wall to Wall

I loved how Smitten labeled her wall, I decided to do the same.

I also added our social media numbers… we like to keep a tally of these so we know all this blogging business isn’t for not. I used to just write them on little cards and put them on the wall… but isn’t this so much cuter?

I included a print out of the original inspiration on the wall as well as some linen samples I’m considering for an upcoming event. The special fancy tape is just from Target. Speaking of things we couldn’t live without… what would we do with out Target?? Let’s not even think about that one, it’s just too terrifying.

This is my favorite quote so it made the wall too

“There’s no such thing as luck, only preparation meeting opportunity at a moment in time.”

I used a real frame to trace around it and then filled in the filagree by hand. No it’s not perfect, luckily it’s my office and as a rule, I never judge myself too harshly.