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I’m the queen of procrastination, especially during the holiday season! So in order to prevent the last minute speeding to the store, half-hazardly throwing something together, and arriving to the holiday party slightly out of breath, I’ve decided to prepare BEFORE the day of the holiday party.

I’ve seen adorable recycled sweater wrapped wine bottles before, but I wanted to create a no-sew version. Who wants to whip out a needle and thread for a quick hostess gift? That takes the “quick” out of it real fast. Once your materials are collected, these adorable hostess gifts will take you no more than 10 minutes each. Amazing, right?

Here’s what you’ll need:


Sweaters (My sweaters are thrift store finds that were less than $2 each. I highly recommend using childrens’ sweaters because the narrow sleeves will fit the wine bottle more snug)


Personalized tag
1. Blank premade tag, stencil, marker
2. Glittery letters, white cardstock paper, glue

Wine stopper

Safety pins


Let’s get started!





Chop chop!






1. Cut your sleeve. I simply measured the length by laying my wine bottle on top of the sleeve and cutting a straight edge. Make sure to leave a good amount of excess fabric – about 2 centimeters.


Have your safety pin handy!

2. Flip the sleeve inside out and fold the fabric in a cross formation. As you can see, I grouped the fabric in the center using four points of the fabric.

10 second sewing

3. Using a safety pin, secure the fabric together. I weeved the safety pin around the center folds until the four fold were secured together. The best way to visualize this is by thinking of a small circular motion at the center of the cross formation. Flip it back to outside-in and you have your sleeve!

Bottoms up!

This is what the bottom of the wine bottles will look like once you’ve “safety pinned” the fabric and slipped them on the wine bottles.

Looking good already!

4. Dress your wine bottles. Slide the sleeve onto your wine bottle and make a small cuff at the top of the sleeve.

“Cheers” to the holidays

5. Create personalized tags. I created two:

The first, I stenciled “Cheers” on a plain pre-made tag. For a little something special, add a personalized note on the back of your tag.

RH  for Ms. Rachel Hollis

The second tag, I used these glittery letters for initials. These happened to have a sticker backing, but glue may be necessary. I secured them onto white card-stock paper and trimmed around the letters to create a bold and simple tag.

Perfect for New Year’s!

Christmas Cheer!

6. Tie it all together. Lastly, use ribbon to decoratively tie the wine stopper and personalized tag at the top of the wine bottle. It’s that simple!

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