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I can’t believe it’s Christmas time again!  Seems like I was just working on these tags and this wreath, but here I am, another year wiser, browsing the aggressively festive holiday-themed shelves of the craft store once more.  Fortunately, I have a project for you that requires nothing from the crowded Christmas section!  A few regular supplies and a drill is all you need to create this chalkboard garland … super cute, versatile, and something you can use around your house long after the holidays are over.  As an added bonus, you can keep changing what it says depending on whether the other members of your household are being naughty or nice!

What you need:
wood shapes (as many as you want, depending on what you want to spell!)
chalkboard paint
baker’s string, yarn, or ribbon
tapestry needle

Note: Buy a couple of extra wood shapes in case of drill or painting mishaps! You can always turn extras into gift tags or ornaments.

1. Carefully drill small holes into each wooden shape — you can’t go too big because the wood is very cheap and very thin.  I made two holes in each piece using a 3/32 drill bit and just eyeballed the spacing.

2. Again, since this is cheap, thin wood, you’re going to get some splintering on the back side of each piece — don’t worry about it, you won’t be able to see it from the front.

3. Use your sandpaper to remove any rough parts from around the holes.  Brush off all the sawdust and get ready to paint …

4. Brush on a nice even coat on the front side of each piece, and the edges too.  The chalkboard paint I purchased specified two coats, an hour apart, and then a cure time of 24 hours.  I managed to follow the instructions for once and everything turned out great, so I recommend doing the same.

5. Another paint label instruction that shouldn’t be skipped — rubbing chalk on the painted surfaces to prime them.  I can’t explain why that works, but I’m sure there’s a scientific reason so make sure you do this part as well.

6. Thread your string or yarn onto a tapestry needle and string through all of the holes, leaving a tail on either end. I used two strands of baker’s string and it fit perfectly.

7. Measure how long you want the garland to be, then tie a loop on either end and trim excess.  You could also string some different ribbons/yarns across the top and bottom of the garland for added texture.  Happy decorating!




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