Banana Bread

Bread of Banana

Banana Bread Haiku

My Golden Brown Banana Treat

Heart Warming, Tasty, I Love To Eat

Nothing Tops, Except Butter Perhaps?

Yes, I did just right a poem about food… it wouldn’t be the first time let me tell you! Sad poetry aside, I really do love banana bread, or really, any kind of morning bread product. A couple of weeks ago when everyone was feeling cruddy I baked some up and it healed both our stomachs and our hearts. Here’s my recipe…


What You’ll Need

3 Ripe Bananas

2 Eggs – whisked together

2 Cups of Flour

3/4 Cups of Sugar

1 Tsp of Salt

1 Tsp of Baking Soda

Chopped Walnuts – if you prefer, mine was made without since I’m allergic

Smashed Banana

First, preheat your oven to 325. Next use your mixer to mash your bananas into a mush.

Add More

Now add in eggs and mix in with bananas. In a separate bowl mix your dry ingredients: flour, sugar, salt baking soda. Slowly add dry ingredient mixture to bananas until well blended.

Into the Pan

Generously grease your loaf pan with butter or cooking spray, then use a spatula to add the mixture to the pan.

Ready for the Oven

Put pan in the oven and cook for an hour or until a toothpick inserted into the bread’s center comes out clean.

Baked to Perfection

I like to eat it warm with a little butter on top, but it’s also great the next morning with your cup of coffee.

Bread and Butter

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