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Every Thanksgiving, my family members all contribute their signature dish to our annual buffet-style feast. Uncle Eddie is on turkey duty, Mom prepares the yams, Aunt Karen makes the pumpkin cake, Grandma whips up her famous jello mold, and so-on. This year I thought it would be a nice touch if we actually labeled our dishes rather than reverting to hollering across the buffet table, “Who made the mashed potatoes?! or “Does this have meat in it?”

Curious who made the best mashed potatoes of your life? Need to know what’s gluten-free or vegetarian? Want to know what this special dish is called? “Leafy Table Labels” will pull your table together with that special touch, showcase the master chefs of your family/friends and help people know what they can and cannot eat. Beautiful, helpful and fun!

Here’s what you’ll need to create these simple and chic labels:

Wine corks
Colored Markers (I used orange, green, brown, & black)
Ballpoint pen
Letter stencil
Glue (preferably a hot glue gun, but any craft glue will work also)
Cherry Wood Leaves by Paper Source

The exposed wood look is so pretty.


I started by creating the base for the labels first so they had time to dry.

1. Cut a slit in the center of the top of the cork. I used a jagged kitchen knife and made a sawing motion until I had a slit that was about a centimeter deep. This is where you’ll slip the labels when they’re done.

Careful here. Protect those fingers!

2. Glue a penny using a hot glue gun or craft glue to the opposite end of the cork. This will weigh down the cork and keep the labels from toppling over.

Find a penny, pick it up…

Next, I created the label template for the guests to fill out.

3. Decide on the prettiest side of the Wood leaf, and use the stencil to spell out “Dish:” and “By:” I chose to alternate colors, but you have creative freedom here!

Stencils are a girl’s best friend.

4. With a black ballpoint pen, draw a line to show your family and friends where to write. I used the side of the stencil as a ruler to keep my line nice and straight.

Make it “stupid simple” for your guests.

5. If the leaf shape is a little tricky for securing it in the wine cork, cut a flat area so it will fit nicely.

Chop Chop!

Last, I set it up for the big day.

5. Create a station with the cork bases, stenciled leaves, and marker(s) on your buffet table. If you will be too busy in the kitchen to explain to everyone how to fill them out, leave a few pre-made “Leafy Table Labels” with your dish names next to the station. Hopefully they will follow suit and before you know it, the buffet table will look amazing!

Thanksgiving here we come!

The bigger the feast, the bigger the job!

Great for guests with dietary restrictions.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Eat your heart out!

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