Glitter-Frosted Pumpkins

Glitter is the new scary!

Pumpkin crafting! Here we go! Two weeks into my internship with Rachel, I decided to join in on the crafting fun! Feeling inspired by the My Chic Life plethora of DIY posts (compliments of Mandy), I set out for the pumpkin patch on a mission. I wanted to start small, so I did so with three “teacup” pumpkins. Transforming these little pumpkins into glittery candles is a simple way to spruce up any fall centerpiece, coffee table, or desk. Here’s how.

Here’s your shopping list

Mini Pumpkins

Carving utensil



Loose glitter

Clear-drying glue

5 Simple Steps to Glittertasic Pumpkins!

1. Cut a hole at the top of the pumpkin using a sharp knife & put the tealight in. Do NOT empty the pumpkin of its’ insides because it’ll last longer!

TIP: Make sure the tealight fits fairly snug so it doesn’t slip deeper into the pumpkin.

2. Paint a thick layer of glue where you want your glitter.

TIP: Paint around the rim & a little on top of the tealight too.

3. Bathe the pumpkin in glitter.

Neat freaks beware… This one’s messy!

4. After the first layer of glue has dried, blot a top layer of glue to hold it all in place.

TIP: The glitter will slosh around if it’s not completely dry. I learned this the hard way!

5. Let it dry… again. You’re done!

Almost good enough to eat :)

Simple, quick and glittery… oh my!

5 Responses to “Glitter-Frosted Pumpkins”

  1. Valerie Rosas

    This Glitter Frosted Pumpkins entry is the best……………I work with high school kids at the office and am always trying to find new, innovative and exciting ways to be creative. We are going to be doing some of these . How great to know what to buy when I shop for the ingredients. Thank you.

  2. Sarah Montgomery

    I love this! The best part about pumpkins is that they can become candles for the holiday season. The glitter makes it classy. Keep up the good work!

  3. JP Badugian

    Why does glitter look so delicious? These would really work well in a restaurant. They make me want dessert.

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