Flavor Infused Vodka

Pear With Me

Oh vodka, how do I love thee… let me count the ways. Vodka Tonic, Vodka Red Bull, Vodka Martini, Vodka and Crackers… wait, no, that’s cheese. Anyway, I really like vodka.

Now imagine my delight when every bar west of the Mississippi started infusing their spirits with everything from basil to lychee. I wanted in on the fun… I wanted to infuse things too! My first test-flavors were Pear Vanilla and Jalapeno… check back later in the week for the sinful cocktails I make with both of those. In the meantime, find out how I did it so you can start infusing too!

Chopped and Ready

Pear Vanilla

1 x Pear – washed and cut into slices

1 x Vanilla Bean

2 Cups of Vodka

Pepper Pieces

Jalapeno Vodka

1 x Jalapeno – washed, seeds and membranes removed, sliced into pieces

2 x Cups of Vodka

Cooling Off

I filled a mason jar with my fruit (or my peppers depending on which blend we’re talking about here) then I topped both of them with 2 cups of vodka each. I recommend a middle of the road vodka here, nothing too fancy, I used Skyy. I allowed the vodka to stay in the fridge for a week, but I came by once to stir them a bit.

Ready to Strain

Once a week had gone by, it was time to strain the vodka.

Pear Down

Separation Anxiety

I started by using a pastry sifter to remove the larger pieces.

Green with Envy

Next I used coffee filters to filter out the smaller pieces.


You’ll have to pour the vodka through the filter in small batches as it takes a minute to work it’s way through the filter and into the glass.

Working Through

Once each liquid has been refined store it in a glass container in the fridge of the freezer until you’re ready to use. For what it’s worth, both of these turned out so good! The jalapeno has a great pepper flavor without being too spicy. The pear vanilla… well, let’s just say I could drink that one straight (and maybe I will). Both will make delicious additions to the cocktails I’m making for happy hour on Friday.

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