Paint It Black!

Halloween craft time!  As I’ve previously mentioned, Halloween is not my favorite holiday of the year, so consequently I don’t own much related decor.  That’s all changed after this week’s project, which doesn’t need a tutorial so much as a single instruction: “paint a whole mess of cheap crap black.” All you need is a can of black lacquer and a dream, really.  I picked up a few glass vases at a dollar store, some random figurines from a resale shop’s clearance section, and a candlestick at my local Goodwill and turned them into a monochromatic centerpiece that looks both holiday-appropriate AND pretty darn classy, if I do say so myself.  Plus, it was fun to see how a little glossy black paint could turn a silly resin horse head into something slightly sinister …

What you need:
black lacquer spray paint
glass or metal vases, candleholders, knickknacks, etc.

Before you get started: It goes without saying, but please make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area when spray painting! I did mine outside and still used a mask because this project requires a LOT of paint and it’s better to keep the amount you’re breathing in to a minimum!

1. Assemble everything you’re going to paint — make sure it’s clean and dry and free of dust, wax, price tags, etc.   Also, see that plastic bowl in the middle?  You won’t see it again.  Even though I sprayed it with lacquer, it looked flat and ugly, so it ended up in the reject pile …

2. Spray paint on evenly, making sure to get any nooks and crannies but also being careful not to overdo it — otherwise you’ll get a lot of drips! Follow directions on can for drying times before applying another coat, and be sure to check for bare spots, with this much surface to cover it’s easy to miss some things.

3. Let dry completely.  If you’re like me this is the hardest step and I’m constantly touching the paint to see if it’s dry enough — best to go watch a show on the DVR or feed your kids lunch or something and just leave it be for a while.

4. When you’re satisfied you’ve covered all surfaces, let them dry some more, preferably on a surface the paint won’t stick. Leaving them overnight is probably a really good idea!  Once completely dry, just add some flowers and candles and you’re ready to turn a table into something spooky.



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