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Chocolatey Goodness

Last weekend we were invited to a fabulous dinner party. When I say fabulous, I mean that our hosts (colleagues of Daves) take entertaining to a level that even Martha would be jealous of. I offered to bring a dessert… partially because I wanted to be polite and partially because I wanted to impress our dinner companions who I knew instinctively were going to blow my mind with their ability to cook, make martinis and decorate their spanish style home. I’d been dying to try and make some peanut butter butter cream icing and so I came up with this recipe. Now, I know it’s dangerous to try out a new recipe when the stakes are this high… but thank God I did, this cake is so good it’s unreal. Just make it for your friends/family/coworkers and watch the esteem come rolling in.

Peanut Butter Cups

Here’s What You’ll Need

Chocolate Cake – I used my German Chocolate Cake Recipe but if you don’t have time to make one from scratch just use a store bought chocolate cake recipe and cook per package instructions

One Stick of Unsalted Butter – Room Temperature

1 Cup of Peanut Butter – Room Temperature

3/4 Cup of Powdered Sugar

8 Reeces Peanut Butter Cups – Chopped into small pieces


First, bake your cakes in two round pans. I used a 6″ pan because the dinner party was small and this cake is rich but you can use this same recipe for 8″. Once cake is done, allow to cool completely on wire racks.


As cake cools you can make your icing. Combine butter and peanut butter in a mixer.

Ice Ice Baby

Next add in your powdered sugar and combine as well. Set finished icing to the side.

Round and Round

Once cakes are completely dry you need to flatten them… meaning, you need to cut off the rounded top so they’ll look prettier when iced.

Cut Through It

You can even out your cakes by taking a long knife and running it parallel across the top of the cake slicing off the top evenly.

Flat Top

Once you’ve got your flat surface you can start icing. First, I take four pieces of wax paper or foil and create a little nest for the cake to sit on top of the cake stand or plate. I do this so I can ice with reckless abandon and not worry about getting my cake plate dirty.


Ice the top of your first cake then carefully add your second layer.



All Done

Once your cake is all iced you can add your reeces… one quick note. If it’s quite warm in your kitchen (which is possible since you just used the oven) put the cake in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes before adding the candy. The icing isn’t very thick and the candy is a little heavy, better play it safe and make sure you icing will hold the candy in place or you’re going to have a big mess on your hands.

Little Pieces of Reeces

Handy Tool

With clean hands, grab a small amount of chopped reeces and carefully press it into the side of your cake. Repeat the process all the way around the sides.

Finger Lickin’

Fill in the Holes

Make sure to go back around the cake and fill in any holes you might have missed.

Remove the Paper

Now you can carefully go around and remove the wax paper from underneath your cake. This should leave you with a cake plate in pristine condition to showcase your masterpiece.

Give it a Try

Be sure and store this cake in the fridge if you don’t plan on serving it right away. Just bring to room temperature an hour before you’re going to indulge. Happy Baking!!

3 Responses to “Peanut Butter Cup Cake”

  1. Mom

    OMG, that looks so amazing!!! I am proud to have introduce this site to several girls in the office I am working at today! They are thrilled because of the recipes…

  2. Rachel

    Glad to hear it Diana!! I was actually thinking about making little cupcake versions for my holiday party this weekend since it’s such a crowd pleaser. xo, RH

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