A Reluctant Soccer Mom

Soccer Boy

I think, I might have become a soccer mom.

No, I suppose I know I’ve become a soccer mom, but not by my own volition. I’m not sure how we’ve gone from a house filled with toddlers to a house filled with full-on BOYS who have schedules as hectic as a middle-aged investment banker, but in the last couple of months I find myself scheduling meetings and conference calls around soccer and gymnastics practice… as if there wasn’t already too few hours in my day!

It started with Kindergarten. Jackson began kindergarten a couple of weeks after the baby was born, which meant two different school drop offs (Sawyer is still at his pre-school) with a newborn in tow. Next Dave decided that since he (Dave) was (I’m told, repeatedly) a stellar soccer player his son should obviously play too. So Dave signed him up and then promptly reported that “someone” would need to take Jackson to soccer practice weekly. And so it began that once I week I stop the workday in a huff and rush with Jackson to a park in a neighboring city to sit on wet grass in 90 degree heat and hope we’ll make it through just one practice without Jackson crying because someone was “too rough with their cleats”.

Making It Work

It also doesn’t really help my “cred” with the other soccer moms that I’m the only one working on spread sheets during practice but honestly, between the two month old keeping me up all night and clients I’m dealing with all day I guess the others gathered around the soccer field should be happy I remembered to put my bra before going out in public!

Just to add insult to injury I decided to sign Sawyer up for gymnastics. I know it’s ridiculous, but I felt badly that Jackson got to his own special thing and so I added something for Sawyer. So now we’re looking at two set appointments each week… oh wait, but don’t stop there! Last week Jackson started his musical theater class. True, it’s one more weekly appointment to manage, but I secretly felt that if Dave could push his sons to relive his childhood, why couldn’t I? Visions of a teenage Jackson starring in his high-school’s production of West Side Story danced through my head, and since when you’re a jet you’re a jet all the way, I added one more class to the mix.

*please note that only former drama club members like myself will get my lame joke in the last paragraph. #tonyandmariaforever

On a quick side note regarding said theater class, I’d be remiss to not point out that Jackson missed not one, but the first TWO classes because I kept screwing up what time he was supposed to be there. Last week (attempt number two) we were confused about lunch timing as it coincides with theater class at school and well, Jackson got to sit in the office for an hour waiting for class to start because his mom didn’t realize only kids in the Korean immersion program can stay for lunch. So just to clarify, I made my son the weird kid who eats lunch alone in the office. I’m sure the theater teacher thinks I’m a degenerate gambler or something.

Working Mom

As for the baby, well, he’s really the least of my stresses right now. He’s fairly portable, and as you can see from the photo above he’s willing to sleep just about anywhere while I get my work done. Do I wish he slept better? Absolutely, in fact, I’d pay good money for it, but I’m too busy with everything else to whine about the 12 times I woke up last night.

If I’m being honest with myself, and you, I might be a tad overwhelmed currently. Trying to raise three people is harder than it appears and there’s not nearly enough caffeine thrumming through my veins at any given moment. I’m praying that some day soon I’ll hit my stride with this whole mom of three thing, until then I’m going to re-nuke my morning coffee (for the third time) and hope that today at soccer practice, no one is too rough with their cleats.

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  1. Andrea

    Ha, you’re brave! I have a strict one activity per kid rule. I fear the day they find cause to break it. Four soccer practices on four different teams is my worst nightmare! Good luck!

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