Grape & Fennel Salad



Here’s the thing… if you’re a friend or family member of mine you probably already know that I will blatantly rip off any recipe you make for me and reproduce it here on the blog. It’s a house-rule like no fighting or clean up after yourself, I will steal your culinary ideas and share them with the world!! Future house-guests, consider yourself warned.
This salad is one such act of a thievery. We had some friends come over for dinner and they mentioned they’d bring a “grape salad”. If I’m being honest, I had visions of my Mema’s grape salad, which involves mayonnaise (I know, I know) and so I was pleasantly surprised by this refreshing and unique blend of flavors. The lemon juice and fennel seed add a totally great new flavor to boring old grapes and make the perfect side dish for a late summer evening. I wont even take credit, you can thank Debbie for this one!

Colorful Blend

What You’ll Need
1 Bag of Green Seedless Grapes
1 Bag of Red Seedless Grapes – you can use all one color but I thought using both was prettier
The juice of one whole lemon
1 Tbls of Fennel Seeds


Wash the grapes thoroughly and remove from stems. Place in a large bowl and squeeze the juice of a whole lemon over the top


Mix grapes, lemon juice and seeds until well blended.

Grape Escape

Store in the frige until ready to serve!


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