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Big happenings this week at Chic Headquarters! As I type, our office is filled with odds and ends and crafts and cake stands and all the accessories that will adorn Melody’s wedding this Saturday!! We all know weddings can be overwhelming, and when produced by me and Mel, for the latter it can reach biblical proportions!!

We’re not overwhelmed by stress mind you, but by the sheer enormity of things we’d like to do, paint, add on, and craft into wedding legend. At some point though (probably around Thursday evening) we’ll both have to let it go and enjoy what we’ve done so far without adding more hand painted picture frames or vintage ribbon to anything! So too was the case a few weeks ago when I hosted Mel’s bridal shower. It was a lovely champagne brunch filled with girls, love and tea sandwiches and we all had a great time. I did want to share a couple of elements with you that I thought turned out so well… maybe you can use them the next time you shower a bride. =)

I saw this shower gift on Pinterest and I loved it! It’s a gift basket filled with bottles of wine for all the couples “firsts”. Each bottle has it’s own adorable rhyming gift tag. I wanted to make this idea my own and needed to craft my own tags.

First of all, instead of wine I did a mix of several spirits. Melody and Jake like wine but they love whiskey quite a bit more so I made these with them in mind.

I did a bottle of red, champagne, whiskey, vodka, and the main ingredient for my famous Christmas wassail for their “first Christmas”.

I packaged the bottles up in a wicker basket filled with excelsior to hold all the bottles in place. Each gift tag was printed out on matching card stock and attached to the bottles with twine. I’ve included a jpeg of each gift tag below. Feel free to print out the tag images and use them yourself so you don’t have to spend hours formatting and trying to figure out what rhymes with vodka.

I also loved this game idea I found on Linen, Lace & Love... it’s called Where’s The Groom??

Who Has The Groom??

Melody isn’t really a bridal shower game kind of gal, she is quirky though and I knew she’d think this was as funny as I did. I found the image of a tuxedo online and then got pictures of the heads of men to fill it up with. Some were celebrity crushes, some were her favorite things (like Jaws!) many were inside jokes for the two of us and all were hilarious! Honestly, it took me FOREVER to cut out 22 of these things, but it was so worth it!

Who Has the Groom??

After I cut them out I put them each into a separate envelope. When ladies arrived at the shower I told them to choose an envelope but not to open it. When we played the game we went around person by person and opened them. It was so hilarious to see who everyone got.

Carla does the Truffle Shuffle With Chunk from Goonies!

Finally we got to the person who had the groom… it was actually Jake’s mom! Everyone thought I rigged it but I swear, she must have just felt her son inside when she picked up the envelope.

Mama’s Boy!

Once she found a groom she won her gift, though we still continued around to all the other ladies because everyone wanted to see who else was hiding out in those tuxes.

Bride & Groom

Just a few of the fun things we did at the shower, I can’t wait to show you all the gorgeous photos from the wedding this weekend!!

27 Responses to “Showered With Ideas”

  1. Stephanie Ortiz

    Would you consider making the tags available in some kind of higher resolution, downloadable format? I’d love to print them out but think it might look a little blurry with all that cute text. Thanks for considering it!

    • Rachel

      Hi Stephanie,

      Unfortunately I saved them in my computer of the exact size I wanted them to print out so I could just cut them out and go… if you print out it should come out that size as well. Maybe give it a shot and see? I hope it works!! *crosses fingers* ~Rachel

  2. Vanessa

    Is there a file for the tags on your website? I noticed you said you included a jpeg but is there a way you can send me the jpeg or post a link on your page?

    • Rachel Hollis

      Hi Vanessa,

      Each tag is above. Just right click on the picture and you can print or save it as a word doc, etc. Each is saved to be the exact size that I used. Hope that helps! ~Rachel

  3. Pam

    Fabulous ideas! I have a similar game issue, any other games you played that you can share? Thank you!

  4. Adri

    I absolutely love the who has the groom? game. Can you send me the link to the tuxedo image you used?

    • Rachel Hollis

      Hi Adri,

      I did these so long ago I’m not sure where I found it. I think I just Google Image’d “cartoon tuxedo” =) ~Rachel

  5. Val

    Hi Rachel,

    I love the bottle tags. I tried right clicking to print or save and it will not allow me to do this. Any suggestions? Thank you

    • Rachel Hollis

      Hi Val,
      I’ve disabled the “pin it” button for this post which was typically makes it hard to right click the images. Why don’t you give it another go and let me know if you have any trouble. =) ~Rachel

  6. Donna

    Is there anyway that I can change the color of the font and perhaps edit to make more personal. My daughter’s shower is next month and I would like to incorporate the bride and groom’s names, if possible.
    Thank you so much for any help you can give.

    • Rachel Hollis

      Hi Donna,

      Unfortunately I saved these tags as jpegs so I’m unable to change the font color or adjust them… you could attach them to some colorful card stock thats a bit bigger than the tag so it will sort of frame the tag in whichever color you like. Then you could put your daughter’s name on that. ~Rachel

  7. Michele

    Hi Rachel,

    Is there anyway to send me the file or a place I can download the heads? I am going insane trying to find a bunch of heads to cut out!


    • Rachel Hollis

      Sorry Michele,
      I didn’t save the heads when I did this project =( and I remember what a pain it was to find them. Google image was what I used. Hope that’s helpful. ~Rachel

  8. Jess

    I thought your idea for “who has the groom” was more fun than the typical “grooms” like Brad pitt, leo dicaprio, etc, so I was inspired! I threw a Disney themed shower and used disney princes and guys as the “grooms”.

    You’ll never believe it but the grooms mother also picked the envelope with the groom!!

  9. Bradi

    I’m having trouble printing these tags…. I right clicked on them and saved them to m computer and then tried printing them but it is cutting the heading off. Any suggestions?

    • Rachel Hollis

      Hi Bradi,
      Unfortunately it’s tough to answer when I’m not familiar with your computer or printer. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps your printer is cutting off the page. Try looking in your printer settings to see if there’s an option to print the whole page without margins.

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