Pirate Booty Cupcakes

Where’s me treasure?!

There are times in life when all you can do is put one foot in front of the other and hope not to trip. This is one of those times in our families lives. I have been so busy planning my wedding (only 10 days away!!!) that baking, unfortunately, was the last thing on my mind.

Cupcakes Galore

But last weekend my nephew and Rachel’s middle child, Sawyer turned 4 years old. The day before his birthday party I asked Rachel if she had the cake already for the party. “Yeah, it’s called I’m going to the grocery store and grabbing whatever works.” As most of you know, she just birthed our pudgy little Ford and is as busy as ever. I figured I would help her and make Sawyer some fun cupcakes in the hopes that he doesn’t end up with middle child syndrome…like his Aunt. Since Sawyer’s party was held at an indoor playground, it didn’t have a theme other than four-year-old-birthday. We asked Sawyer what he’d like, and with only hours to spare, his party became Pirate Themed!!

Icing Up Some Fun

This cupcake recipe is basic: it only requires a box cake mix (along with required ingredients on the box) canned frosting, graham cracker crumbs and whatever fun pirate treasures you scare up at the party store. Remember people, sometimes it’s completely acceptable to do things the easy way. No one will turn down a cupcake, box cake mix or not!!
What you will need:

1 Box Cake Mix (whichever flavor your heart desires)

1 Can of Frosting (we preferred white to help blend in with the ‘sand’)

Graham Crackers – processed or broken into fine crumbs

Assorted Pirate Cake Toppers

Chocolate Gold Coins

Candied Pearls (we bought the bag of pearlized Sixlets from the party supply store)

Ring Pops

Beads for Decor

Hershey Kisses for Decor

Sandy Shores

Start by baking cupcakes according to directions and let cool. Frost all the cupcakes with a good amount of the canned frosting and set aside. Next fill a bowl halfway with the graham cracker crumbs. Dip the frosted cupcakes into the graham cracker crumbs. Make sure all the frosting is covered as this is going to make it look like they are topped with sand.

Gold Coins

A few pearls

Add the toys, toppers, coins to the cupcakes. This was the fun part for me. Be creative by having coins and pearls together or just a ring pop and coins.

Ready for the Paaaaaarty

Arrrrr Matey

We filled a wooden box with plastic beads and other “jewels” and put the cupcakes all around it to add a little extra fun to our display. I hope you and your little pirates enjoy!

The Treasure Chest

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