Green Bean & Bacon Salad

Salad Sensation

This salad is almost too simple… a few seasonal veggies tossed in ranch dressing and garnished with bacon, it requires no skill set, and a very small time commitment. Don’t let it being low-maintenance fool you though, it’s flavorful and crunchy and big hit at every barbecue you’re likely to attend. I love using buttermilk ranch dressing to toss it with but if you’re not a fan, any dressing you do like will make a great substitute.

Green Giant

Here’s What You’ll Need

Fresh Green Beans – washed and cut into 2″-3″ segments

Cherry or Grape Tomatoes – washed and cut in half

Bacon – cut into 3″ squares and cooked

Fresh Corn – Washed and cut off the cob

Ranch Dressing – I used a pack of hidden valley buttermilk ranch but bottle will work too

Clean and Cut

Corn Off the Cob

Grape Tomatoes

Start by prepping all your veggies

Bacon Makes it Better

Ranch Style

Next cook your bacon and (if you’ve got the time) make your ranch dressing.

Adding It All Up

Add all your ingredients to a large bowl

Dress it Up

Top it off with some ranch dressing, and toss well

Ready to Eat

Store salad in refrigerator until it’s time to serve so it stays cold and crisp.

Side Salad