Kitchen Tool Wall Art

Last year Dave’s Auntie Di gave me a box of Nana’s kitchen stuff. They were deep in the midst of cleaning out the treasures Nana had accumulated over the years and were unsure of what to do with a big box of vintage spoons, and spatulas and whisks and whatnot. It was decided I might be a good candidate and I was given the goods. I was SO excited to go through everything. Truth be told, I couldn’t tell you what half of the stuff was for but I loved was that everything was so well used.

How many times had Nana used this particular spatula to make pancakes? How many times had she turned meat with the fork, or used the hand mixer while baking? I thought it was a good talisman for my newly renovated kitchen and wanted to incorporate them somehow, as if to bless all the future meals that would be made there.

It took me forever to figure out what to do with them though. I knew I wanted to have them on the wall somehow though I couldn’t figure out a way exactly. Finally the idea of the frames came to me… I simply went out and bought three similarly hued frames and remove the glass from them. Next we hung each tool on the wall with teeny tiny nails and put the frame over it.

The result is a really cool piece of art that adorns the wall in my kitchen. Every single person who comes in and sees it for the first time comments on how neat it is and I get to say, “actually, those are Dave’s Nana’s tools” which just makes them all the more special.

You can steal this idea too and use almost anything to fill your frames… old hats, vintage eye glasses, books, one woman even told me she knew some one who did the same thing with birds nests. Let me know if you’ve done something similar, I’d love to see what special thing you framed.

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  1. Marquita

    Super cute idea! Renovating my grandmothers house, & I can’t wait to incorporate this idea into my new kitchen w/her vintage pieces!

  2. Steve Jones

    This is creative and clever. I have got to try it with my vintage eye glasses, I don’t wear them anyway as I don’t want to ruin them (yes I do have another ‘normal’ pair!)

    Steve @

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