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Yesterday my best friend (a fellow preggo) reminded me that I never did a follow up post on what became of the baby’s nursery. If you’ll recall, I posted about the adventure that was painting the horizontal stripes on the wall and I forgot to show you what’s become of the room since then. Over the last several weeks I’ve slowly added to the space, and while I still have a few more things to secure before this little boy makes an appearance in a couple of weeks I’m so happy with the way everything turned out.

The brown rocker has been around since Jackson was born, I just accessorized with an orange pillow from Target and a white shag rug from Amazon.

Growing up we had a collection of these wooden figurines: a girl and a boy (both reading) and an old hound dog at their feet. Years ago my dad tracked down the company that made them and got one set for the homes of me and my sisters. Since having my boys he’s gotten me two extra little boy figurines so I have one for each son. This little guy sits atop some books in the baby’s room.

The first piece of wall art I found was this photograph. I love that it had a 70’s vibe, had a touch of orange and I really loved the “welcome to California” sign… I thought it was a cute announcement for this newest little California native. Once I decided on the picture I needed a dresser to go underneath it. At first I found something to match his crib at Pottery Barn Kids, but later, when I saw this dresser at Ikea for a whopping $39.99 versus Pottery Barn’s $799.99 I changed my mind. I liked the raw wood and how it fit along with the picture and since they were so inexpensive I could get two and still save myself $720. Once we got them home however, I realized my mistake… they were REALLY short. We tried to come up unique ways to prop them up, and finally Dave decided he’d just build stands for them. He created stands out of particle board and then we used the leftover chocolate brown paint (from the walls) to paint the base. Each base is screwed to the dresser above it and then the whole thing is braced to the wall to prevent any accidents when the baby is old enough to pull himself up.

A bamboo tray on top of one dresser holds some baby necessities and a small potted succulent.

The bedding is the Harper Collection from Pottery Barn Kids and the drapes are from Wayfair

For another bit of color on the wall I had the boys each paint a picture for the baby. With a nice frame and some coordinating matting, it turned into a cool piece that this baby will have from his older brothers.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include this element of the room. To you and me, it’s an ordinary fan. But for my husband, who’s never installed anything electrical in his life, it’s a source of intense pride. Yes, it took him hours a little while to figure it out, but now that it’s up and working he considers it his greatest accomplishment after our children and his college degree.

Lastly, there is another wall with a changing table and more artwork, it’s just that one of those paintings has the baby’s name emblazoned on it, and I’m not quite ready to share that yet. You’ll have to wait a couple more weeks to find out this little one’s moniker. 😉

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  1. La Juana Peeples

    Rachel, This is so cute and so fresh! Can’t wait to see the little man in his room. Congratulations. Tell Dave I am so impressed with his stands for the dressers. Looks really good. OK the ceiling fan is good too!

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