Berry Citrus Shortcake


Berry Good

I know, I know technically this isn’t a shortcake is it? Actually it’s a yummy berry topping paired with a store-bought angel food cake making it the easiest dessert ever. But still, it’s not shortcake. The thing is though, I’ve served angel food as the base of my strawberry shortcake for years so I’m hoping that you’ll look the other way and just accept the title. This is one of those desserts you can serve when the thought of having to heat up your kitchen by baking makes you want to wilt. The berry topping can be served on top of just about anything: white cake, chocolate cake, biscuits, cookies, ice cream… and regardless of whether or not you bought any of those items pre-made at the store the fact that you made the topping makes you seem like Betty Crocker, so just go with it!

Here’s What You Need

Angel Food Cake – or any of the other items listed above

Whipped Topping – cool whip, whipped cream or make your own using my recipe

2 Cups of Berries – I used strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries but you should go with whatever is ripe and on sale!

The Juice of 1 Orange

2 Tbls of Sugar


Juicy Fruit

Wash your fruit and place into a sauce pan on low heat (cut strawberries in half). Add the fresh orange juice and mix well.


Give Me Some Sugar

Add sugar and mix well. Cook berries on low heat for 30-45 minutes… it’s a slow cook thing, and while that seems like a long time you don’t really have to watch it so it’s not too much trouble. I typically throw this on a back burner when i start dinner and it’s ready to serve when we’re done eating.


Let Them Eat Cake

Serve berry topping warm over the top of your cake, top with whipped cream and enjoy!