Orzo Salad with Grilled Vegetables


Summer Salad

Summer is looming in the air… can you feel it? It smells like sunblock and charcoal briquettes and good times. And just in time for all those fabulous summer cookouts I’m showing off my new favorite side dish: Orzo Salad with grilled vegetables, feta and dill. It’s light and full of flavor and because it’s served at room temperature it’s the perfect side dish to bring to a potluck.

Here’s What You’ll Need

1 1/2 Cups of Orzo – cooked per package instructions

1 Whole Zucchini – Washed and Sliced into discs

1 Whole Yellow Squash – Washed and Sliced into discs

1/2 Red Onion – Cut into Rings

1/2 Cup of Crumbled Feta Cheese

3 Tbls of Olive Oil

1/2 Lemon – Squeezed for the Juice

2 Tbls of Dill

Salt to Taste

Grills and Boys

Pre-heat a grill pan or your outdoor grill to medium heat. Spray on some non-stick grill spray and add the veggies to the grates. Cook turning over once until all are cooked through

Cool Out

Set cooked vegetables to the side and allow them to cool completely

Orzo Great

While vegetables cool, cook Orzo per package instructions… it’s just like cooking pasta noodles. Once cooked, drain well and allow to cool.

Mix and Match

Slice zucchini and squash in half and cut onions into quarters. Add the vegetables to the cooked pasta

Dress Me Up

In a separate small bowl combine olive oil, lemon juice and dill (fresh dill would be great in this but I didn’t have any handy)

Almost Ready

Mix the dressing in with pasta and vegetables, season with salt to taste. Add feta and mix further.

Ready to Go

Once all ingredients are combined keep chilled in the fridge until ready to serve. Enjoy!



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