Family Vacation

Dessert Foliage

For months we’ve been promising the boys a family vacation and we’d been trying to figure a way to pull it off without dealing with any sort of major travel… after all, two toddlers and one growing fetus sounds like exhaustion before you even reach your destination and I’m already too tired and too pregnant to consider that! We opted instead to rent a house in Palm Springs… a mere two hour drive from LA it boasts really the only thing you need to occupy kids for 3 days, a pool.

Pool Side

Below is a recap of our vacation adventure as told through Dave’s new Hipstamatic app… here’s wishing you all equally fun summer vacations this season.

Pancake Breakfast

Our first morning the boys woke us up at sunrise, they were SO excited to go swimming! Dave took them out bright and early (at 8AM it was already 85 degrees) and I made pancakes.

Poolside Reading

God bless the makers of Puddle Jumpers… an ingenious flotation device that allows toddlers to swim until their hearts content without parents having to be right next to them. This allowed mommy to catch up on some reading.

Jackson and US

At some point Jackson decided he wanted to try magazine reading as well… this lasted about as long as it took me to take this picture and then he was back in the pool!

Beauty Parlor

On our second day there we got a visit from Dave’s brother and his family. This picture is when my niece and I were playing beauty parlor… a rare treat for me since I have boys. She was so patient and still (she didn’t want to mess up her polish) SO unlike little boys.

Pink Polish

Of course as soon as Sawyer saw another toddler get their nails painted he insisted on being next. Not totally sure how he explained the pink polish to his teacher’s on Monday but he thought it was fantastic and since he’s 3, I’m not about to argue with him.

Breakfast of Champions

On our last day we decided to head out to breakfast (one of my favorite indulgences) and I got my favorite… biscuits and gravy with home fries. Not exactly low-cal, but hey, it is vacation after all!