Traditional Home Tea Party Sugar Cubes

From Traditional Home - May 2012

In this month’s Traditional Home Magazine my entertaining column was all about setting the stage for a gorgeous tea party! As with every piece I work on with them I really try and come up with some fun ideas that you can incorporate into your own events. My favorite element from this spread was the “upgraded” sugar cubes which you can decorate as elaborately or as simply as your skill set will allow.

Icing on the Cake

Here’s What You’ll Need

– Royal Icing

– Various Food Coloring

– Icing bags and tips… if you don’t already have them I’d recommend checking out Wilton’s Website, they have all sorts of beginners tip sets that costs as little as $8

– Sugar Cubes

Let's Mix It Up

Now, when I was about 13 my mom enrolled my sister and I in a Wilton Cake Decorating Course at the local Michaels. Back in the day we used to have to come to class with our icings ready to go and they didn’t come in a box. My sister and I used to loathe the time it took to make each icing consistency from scratch. Lucky for you (and me) Wilton now makes pre-packaged icing and all you have to do is add water.

Yellow, Green and Pink

Once you’ve mixed the icing per your package instructions you’ll need to divide it and add the food coloring until you get the shades you’re looking for. Because I was making flowers and leaves I went with a pale green, yellow and pink.

Ready to Work

Once you’ve mixed your colors you can pick out your tips and fill each icing bag appropriately. I chose a leaf tip and two types of floral. Be mindful that the cubes are very small so you’ll need to choose delicate tips. Also, if you have no idea how create icing flowers, and you don’t have the time or inclination to learn… do something simple like polka dot sugar cubes. Guests will still appreciate that you took the time to add a little something extra.

Leaf It To Me

I started with the leaf as my base. I made several leaves and then set them aside to dry.

Flower Power

Once the leaf was dry I went back over the top and created the flowers.

Trial and Error

And just so we’re clear… I went through a TON of failure cubes to get the 20 I actually liked. Luckily, none of the ingredients are expensive so you can fill free to experiment until you get the design where you want it to be.

The "good" Ones

Once I finished with my designs I let them air dry before storing them in tupperware until tea time. The great thing is that Royal Icing is very durable so these wont easily be damaged.

Tea Time

©2012 Karyn R Millet

The final product is so sweet and pretty when placed in a sweet little bowl along with your tea service. To see the full tea party spread along with lots of other great ideas check out this month’s issue of Traditional Home Magazine!