Fruit & Veggie Pops

April 20th, 2012

Juicy Fruit

It’s getting warmer here in Southern California and it seems that any time the temperature  gets above 72 degrees my boys start asking for popsicles and ice cream. Usually we get them those mighty mini pops from the store that are roughly the size of a postage stamp (not too much sugar) and are labeled “slow melt” – though God only knows what chemical is involved to pull that feat off! In an attempt to be a bit healthier I decided to make my own fruit pops, and then I realized that sweet frozen fruit juice is the perfect place to hide some of the veggies they don’t readily like to eat. The following is recipes for fruit and veggie pops that your toddlers will love and you wont feel even a little guilty about letting them have!

Berry Good

Fruit Pop Flavors and Ingredients

Berry Delicious

1 Small Package of Fresh Raspberries

1/2 Package of Fresh Blueberries

Juice from One Orange

Secret Veggie Ingredient – Pureed Spinach

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana

Citrus Banana Blend

3 Oranges – Juiced

1 Whole Banana – Sliced Up

Secret Veggie Ingredient – Pureed Carrots

Green With Envy

Watermelon Kiwi Mojito

2 Cups of Diced Watermelon

1 Tbls of Fresh Mint – Diced

2 Whole Kiwis – Diced

Secret Veggie Ingredient – Pureed Spinach

* All Pops will need mini paper cups (like the kind you use after brushing your teeth) and some kind of “stick”. I used these Bamboo Sporks because they’re wide and easy for my little ones to hold on to

Bambu Sporks

The first step for any of these pops is prepping your veggie puree. I usually keep both of these handy to mix into mac n’ cheese or other toddler meals that are easy to hide something in, they also freeze really well.

Steamed Spinach

For Spinach – steam fresh spinach in a steamer basket until tender (will only take a few minutes). Once steamed remove from basket and place in a food processor or blender. Puree until completely smooth… you made need to add a tbls of water to get it smooth

Pureed and Blended

Remove spinach and set to the side… allow to cool completely before adding it to your fruit juice.

Carrot Puree

For Carrot Puree – Repeat the process, steam carrots until tender and puree just like the spinach. Allow to cool before adding to your fruit pop blend.

Berry Puree

To Create Berry Pops simply add berries to blender and pulse until they become a thick liquid like the picture above.

A Little Spinach

Once you’ve created a liquid add a small spoonful of the spinach puree and mix together. You want to pack as much spinach as you can but spinach has a strong flavor so just add a little a time to be sure you don’t overwhelm the juice flavor… you want to hid the spinach inside the berry flavor so be careful not to add too much. Once well blended set to the side until ready to add to cups

Watermelon and Mint

To make the watermelon – Add watermelon and mint to the blender and mix well.

Watermelon Juice

Add spinach to the mixture in the same way you did on the berry pops. Once well blended prep your cups.

Kiwi Cups

For the watermelon pops I thought it’d be fun to have some whole fruit inside. I cut the kiwi up into tiny cubes and filled the bottom of each cup with them in a single layer.

Ready for the Freezer

Add the watermelon mixture on top of the kiwi and fill each cup up 3/4 of the way full. Next add your stick… each mixture is so thick your stick should hold up without any help.

Orange Aid

For the Orange Pops add banana and orange juice to the blender and blend well. Add carrot puree and mix in… carrot is sweeter and easier to hide than spinach so you can add a couple of Tbls without worrying that it will affect your flavor. Add the mixture to cups and get ready for the freezer.

Freezer Time

I put all my pops on a cookie sheet so it was easier to transport them to the freezer. Freeze these over night and they’ll be ready to enjoy. Once you remove from the freezer run a little warm water over the paper cut and it will slip right off your popsicle.

Fruit Basket

This is a great recipe to make alongside your kids (just don’t let them see the secret ingredients). They’re so tasty you might enjoy eating them as much as they do!

Enjoying the Popsicles We Made

We hope this spring provides many opportunities to wiggle your toes in the grass and enjoy something homemade!

Enjoying the Sun