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If you followed the reconstruction of our house last spring than maybe you already saw a sneak peak of our Guest Room and what it looked like BEFORE we moved everything into it. Now that’s it’s complete it’s easily one of my favorite rooms in the house. It’s quirky and colorful (just like me) and it really makes our guests feel comfortable (at least that’s what we’re going for). I thought I’d take you all on a little tour and maybe inspire you in your own guest rooms.

A collection of vintage suitcases stacks up next to the bed as a nightstand.

I’m a veracious reader and I love suggesting books to my guests. I keep a couple on the nightstand on a little tray that’s topped with a vintage vase that I fill just before guests arrive. Both books are a collection of short stories so it’s not something you’d need to wholly commit to.

Orange Aid

Both the desk and the bench are vintage finds, you can read about how I refinished them by clicking HERE both of the prints are from Urban Outfitters

The other nightstand has a lampshade from Etsy, a framed postcard from a long ago trip to Florence and the magazine is part of a collection I recycle monthly so regular guests (like my mom) don’t always have to read the same stuff.

I’m an eclectic shopper. I buy from everywhere so you’ll often find an expensive piece next to something from the Goodwill. For the bedding the duvet is from Ikea, the sheets are Target and the pillows are Etsy, Ikea and Anthropologie.

The guest bathroom used to be vintage cowboy themed if you can believe it. Now it’s a bit more clean and modern.

A little arrangement sits in the corner of the counter top and since it’s dried floral mixed with feathers I don’t have to replace it often. There’s also a candle and pretty soap dish my sister in law got me. Displaying the gifts that family members gave you (when they’re likely the ones to stay in that room) is always a good idea.

Over the toilet I hung a little whimsical print I found on Etsy.

Since we used an above counter sink I wanted to elevate the height of the soap and the toothbrush holder. I found this sweet little cupcake stand on etsy and I’m using to hold things up.

Under the sink are all the toiletries our guests might have forgotten. I try and have everything you’d need to do your hair etc plus some extra items like contact solution, aftershave, and face soap.

In the other cabinet are the guest towels, extra shampoo, soap, etc plus a radio with an Ipod dock. I know when I get ready I like to listen to music so I keep this handy in case my guests do too.

I sort of hate when you go to someone’s house and you’re relegated to the crappy dollar soap and shampoo. I try and keep the guest bathroom stocked with products I’d actually use like shampoo for color treated hair and good face soap… this is also a great place for the little trial samples of cool products you get.

Hope you liked the little trip through our guests quarters, if you have any other great ideas that I haven’t thought of I’d love to hear what you incorporate into your own guest room!

2 Responses to “Be Our Guest”

  1. Mom

    Booking “My room” for a few weeks at the end of July! Add a basinet to the room and it will be perfect with the magazines!

  2. Brandon Steele

    I came across your site one day when my wife was looking at it and thought it is really cute and might be a good fit with our Mrs. Cubbison’s Brand. Can I send you some products to see if you think they could be “Chic?”

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