Drinks Are On Me


If I could marry a craft supply it would probably be spray paint–sorry, Mod Podge–and our children would probably be these coasters.  (What does that even mean?  I promise you I have hardly been drinking!)  It’s just that I have a bit of an obsession with coasters, and already have way too many in my house, and yet… I can’t seem to stop making or buying them.  Maybe someday I’ll make a tabletop out of all my coasters and eliminate the need for them altogether, but until that day I’ll just continue down this drink-ring hating path.  These are so simple it’s ridiculous, and the possibilities for variation are wide open.  Grab your spray paint and let’s go!

What you need:
wood circles (I found mine at Michael’s)
rubber bands
spray paint
spray clear coat
cork circles (optional, also available at Michael’s)

Before you begin: I wanted the natural wood to show through so I didn’t do this, but if you wanted a nice contrast effect, you could do a base coat color first, add the rubber bands, and do a different color over it!

banded like a bandit

1. Start by wrapping rubber bands around the coaster in random patterns, making sure they’re on there good and tight.

smooth operator

2. Make sure the bands are completely flat on the side you’re painting — they’ll be all twisted in the back but that’s fine.

my happy place

3. Give all of the coasters a light coat of paint–it’s best to spray straight down instead of from the side so you don’t get paint under the rubber bands. Follow the drying instructions on your paint, and then give them another coat.

painted up

4. When the paint is dry to the touch, carefully remove the rubber bands — I used a plastic bag so I wouldn’t get fingerprints on the paint.


5. Allow to dry completely, then give the coasters a couple coats of clear coat.  Time for a snack because you’ve got to let them dry again.

glue time

6. Optional step: These aren’t a requirement, but they do make the coasters look a little more professional! Spread a thin layer of glue on the back, taking care to reach the edges.  Lay a cork round on the glue, and wipe away any excess.  Let those dry for a bit, and you’re done.  The perfect home for your Beer and Lime Cocktail!

set o' four

drink time!