Christmas Tree Pancakes

Oh Christmas Tree

Believe it or not I imagined this last night when I was falling asleep. I thought… I’m going to try and make some Christmas tree pancakes for the boys in the morning. Lucky for us all they turned out really cute (which is never a guarantee when you’re experimenting with food). This would be such a cute Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning Breakfast and I promise ANYONE can do it, it’s SO easy!

Here’s What You’ll Need

Pancake Mix – I use the “just add water” kind for ease


Green Food Coloring – or a mix of yellow and blue

Wheat Germ, Flax, or other healthy mix ins – optional

Mixing Up Some Fun

Whenever I use the “just add water” pancake mix I always add in some wheat germ and/or some ground flax. They’re really healthy and good for us all and the boys never know they’re in the pancakes. It’s an easy way to add some good stuff to your pancakes. Once you add your mix ins, add your water per the pancake instructions (if it’s a little thick from your mix ins add a bit more water).

Green with Envy

Once your batter is mixed add your food coloring to get to the desired shade.

Pull on your Griddle

Now you want to pour pancake mix onto the griddle. Start with your bottom pancake, try and create a pancake that’s about 5″ across. Then do one that’s 4.5″, then one that’s 4″, then one that’s 3.5″ and keep going until you’ve got the circles to stack. Once they’re cooked, stack them up starting with the biggest and working upwards from there.

How Things Stack Up

The “star” is a little dollop of margarine that I rolled into a ball between my fingers.

View From the Top

Next I sprinkled on some “snow” aka, powdered sugar which Jackson just loved!

Christmas Breakfast!

All Ready for Santa

Add a little syrup to the top and enjoy!!

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