The Chic Office

If you’ve been following the blog for a while you might have read the journey of our house remodel, and wondered “where are they now?” I know at least some of you are wondering because I get at least a weekly request for an update. I haven’t been quick to do it because while the house is “finished” it isn’t completely decorated and I wanted to be able to show you the final product. But since you keep asking I figured I’d just show you where we are today. We’ll go room by room, and today, I’m starting with my office.

I love the my home office because it’s sincerely my domain. I’m not afraid to be whimsical or even weird because it’s my own personal space and if I like it, I find a way to use it. You can read all about how I revamped this dresser HERE I use it to hold all my office gear (paper, stationary, binders, etc). I found the C-H-I-C letters on etsy and plan on framing some favorite photos to put underneath them. The tray holds a graphic print I love, an award I received and a note I got the first time I did The Nate Berkus Show. I try and surround myself with items that inspire me and make me feel proud of the work that I’m doing every day.

I wanted a way to display all my magazines… I used a framed piece of art I wasn’t totally in love with as a tray, stacked the magazines on top of them and then used this glass head as a “paper weight”. The vintage hat was a gift from my Aunt that I’ve had for probably 20 years.

The vintage bird cage was something that Nana gave me. I spray painted it black and use it as a display.

The little birds attached were leftover from my Good Day LA appearance so I added them on there. Jackson suggested we name them, so they are forever dubbed, Cletus and Tiny.

No one on my staff is full time, I work with several different freelancers and interns so I needed a great big landing area for them. I bought two craft tables and placed them back to back and used vintage stools from the flea market for seating. Plenty of room for laptops and projects!

I found this vintage iron bird feeder at the flea market months ago and I could NOT figure out what to use it for but I loved it. It sat around for a while, and then finally I thought of using it as a holder for office supplies.

My desk is actually a dining room table I found and loved. Some day I’ll get super fancy chairs but for now I’m rocking the Ikea special.

I love bulletin boards, I have them all over the house! This one holds anything I find inspiring and sits above another dresser from Nana that I repainted.

The chevron pattern on this dresser inspired my pillows and that hat is what made me think of using a hat for my magazine paper weight.

I got this charm years ago and it always hangs by my desk… it reminds me daily how blessed I am.

I always have seasonal magazines around for inspiration. Below that are business cards of people I’ve met recently that I hold in a vintage mini loaf pan.

On my desk are framed photos of my best girlfriends. They make me laugh, calm me down, and support me every day. Just seeing these images will brighten my mood. =)

I love fresh floral or greenery in the office… it makes me feel like Oprah. So I either go buy floral or go clip some from my back yard… this week it’s a few sprigs from my gardenia bush. I don’t love paper trays, but I need them! I subbed out my Grandpa’s vintage platter and it works perfectly. I hope you enjoyed this peek into Chic Headquarters.

Do you have a unique office or unique ways of displaying items in your home? Comment below, I’d love to hear about it!!