Balsamic Broccoli Salad

Crunch and Munch

Recently I took Sawyer to a toddler birthday party and as expected it was the typical toddler bday party fare… pizza, chips, fruit salad, etc. Not really a lunch I was interested in as I am a little maxed out on toddler pizza parties. Then, someone brought out this salad and I was in love. I decided to try and replicate it at home based on what I thought was in it, and whether it was an exact match or not, my salad is pretty darn good!

Here’s What You’ll Need

2 Heads of Fresh Broccoli

3/4 Cup of Golden Raisins – regular would work too, but I like the color of golden

1 Package of Bacon – sliced into bite size pieces then fried

1/2 Red onion – Diced

1/2 Cup of Slivered Almonds – unsalted

3/4 Cup of Mayo

2 Tbls of  Balsamic

1 Tsp of Sugar


Add broccoli, bacon, raisins, onion, and almonds to a bowl and mix up.


In a separate bowl mix together mayo, balsamic, and sugar and mix well. Try it. Does it need more balsamic? Add some now.

Adding the Dressing

Now mix it all together…

Mix n' Match

Up Close and Personal

The end result is crunchy, tangy, and the perfect salad for your winter buffet!