Sparkly Leaf Place Cards

November 14th, 2011

Perhaps you saw these leaf place cards in my Thanksgiving Table on The Nate Berkus Show… Perhaps you’re just looking for festive fall decor, either way, welcome! This unique take on your typical place card is a fun way to deck out your dining chairs for the Thanksgiving and as always, I’m keeping it really simple so anybody can do it!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Wooden Leaf Cut Outs – You can find these at Paper Source by clicking HERE

A Hole Punch

Glitter – I used silver, but gold or brown or anything that tickles your fancy will do

Brown Ribbon – again, you can use any kind

Marker – for writing the names

Glue – I recommend a clear, fast drying glue

First write the names of your dinner guest on individual leaves.

Now punch a small hole in the top of the leaf; you’ll want it to be an inch or below the edge so you have room for your glitter.

Now, working in small section (because of the fast drying glue) add a line of glue around the edge of your leaf and sprinkle on glitter.

Shake off excess glitter and you should have a nice glitter lining. Continue around until the whole leaf is lined.

Insert ribbon and use to tie to your dining room chairs… if your chairs wont accommodate this tie on you could just set the leaf on top of your dinner napkin and it would be equally as beautiful.

Also, since you tend to entertain the same names every year (ie- your family) you can pack these leaves up gently (i recommend wrapping each one in tissue paper) and use them again next year! Happy Thanksgiving!!