Setting Up a Baby Room

September 29th, 2011

Good Morning!

For starters – congratulations! Having a baby is the most exciting time! When Rachel asked me to start a baby blog I had so many ideas. Our baby boy just turned five months old. It’s amazing what the learning curve is like on your first child. We really knew nothing going into parenthood. Now, there are so many things I want everyone to know because they were so helpful to us. I realize you’re probably getting bombarded with advice, so take what you like from this and leave the rest behind. This is all based on one person’s experience and everyone’s situation is different– do what works best in your home and in your space.

Getting started

If you’re going thru your pregnancy now I’m sure you thinking of how to set up your baby’s room. There are so many cute ideas that sometimes it can be hard to get started. We already had a room in the house painted light blue so we decided to use that as the baby room. It was also the quietest from street noise and the darkest – all things to consider if you have an option. My husband and I were both so excited, but weren’t quite sure where to begin. These are a few pieces that we used as starting points when we designed the room.

Stand out piece

This is a clock designed by my sister-in-law’s company called Dust Furniture. I love the idea of having a unique piece with more unconventional colors.

Special gifts

A few weeks later our good friends brought us this mobile from Rwanda. It was something I had to put up right away. Babies love contrast and we found without movement or music this was very soothing to him when we laid him to sleep. If you have a mobile that comes without an arm,  Pottery Barn Kids sells them – just a side note because I searched all over.

Simple solutions

These flags were a shower decoration.They weren’t made with the intention of going in the room, but I figured – why not? They’re cute and can add some color behind the white drapes!

Create your own

If you start searching online and see things you like, it’s possible to make your own. My husband found this idea, and went to town. I think it’s really special to have handmade items in the room. I could really go on and on, but these were just a few ideas to keep you going in your search. I know there are lots of emotions at this time and some things can feel overwhelming, but what you get to experience is such a joy. You’re going to be amazed at how much love you can have for someone you just met!