Emmy Viewing Party

The Whole Scheme

Here in LA, we live for an awards show… any reason to gather in front of the TV, drink in hand, and judge celebrities based on what they’re wearing equals good times. So in celebration of this Sunday’s Emmy’s I’ve put together some ideas to knock your guests socks off!

Star Light, Star Bright

Let’s start at the top… literally. I made my dining room the center of this fab party and started with a big wow factor. I hung a multitude of paper star lanterns courtesy of  StarLanterns which you can snag for only $7 a piece… I saved mine and plan on using them again during the holidays! I simply strung them up using removable plastic hooks like THESE and use a light weight fishing line so they seemed suspended in air.

All About Emmy

The centerpiece of this table was my sparkly red EMMY letters! I found the paper mache letters at Paper Source and here’s what I did…

Ready to Spray

Place letters down on something you don’t mind getting covered with paint

Are You Red E?

Be sure to wear rubber gloves so you don’t destroy your manicure. Hold the spray paint about a foot away and spray in even layers to cover the whole letter.

All Covered

Allow your letters to dry completely, then flip to the other side and paint it. You’ll need to do two coats on each side.

Glitter Me Up

Upon spraying the second coat (while it was still very wet) I used Paper Source’s Glitter to cover the letter completely (the wet paint worked like glue to hold my glitter in place). I allowed it to dry, shook off the excess glitter and then went to decorate the table.

Glitter and Glow

The photography really doesn’t do these justice… they looked GORGEOUS!!

Emmy Ballots

No awards viewing party would be complete without a ballot! It gives your guess something to do while they watch the show and you can all throw in a couple of bucks so that whoever chooses the most correct awards wins the pot. I made my ballots look like the awards envelopes on the show!

And the Winner Is...

Small booklets held the ballot info which you can download HERE and I used gold stickers and red ribbon to fancy up the envelopes that held them.

Emmy Food

As with any of my parties, it’s all about the food and an awards show is ripe with theme possibilities. I simply used the nominated shows as my inspiration and created signage and creative names for each to add to the fun!

Liz Lemon Pepper Chicken Skewers

For 30 Rock I created “Liz Lemon Pepper Chicken Skewers” and for Dexter it was “Bloody Marinara Meatballs”

Mixed Nuts

Modern Family “Mixed Nuts”… this was my favorite because it’s so simple but so clever… if I do say so myself.

Mashed Martini

For Mad Men I created these little Mashed Potato Martini’s. A little stuffed olive and suddenly it all takes shape!

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights was another easy one… “stadium pop corn”

Nerds Cupcakes

For the Big Bang Theory I baked cupcakes and put Nerds candies on top… get it??

Glee Slushies

And for Glee, little jello shot “Slushies”. I hope this gives you all great inspiration for your viewing bash this weekend. Even if you only implement a few of the ideas I’m sure your guests will love your attention to detail! Happy Viewing!!