Succulent Centerpiece

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to throw an after party for Warner Brother’s new movie Contagion. Since the movie is a little gritty (you know, plague wiping out the world/Gwyneth dying in the opening sequence) I didn’t want to do anything too feminine. I went for an eclectic mix of succulents, lemons, rocks, twigs, berries and just about any other textural element I could find. The result was really cool, and would be a great coffee table piece for your living room.


All Boxed In

I started with a bamboo box that I have (as an event planner I have about 50 of these out in the garage) but if you don’t have, any kind of square vessel will work. I covered my base with plastic so the moisture from the plants wouldn’t damage the wood.


Midnight at the Oasis

Readers meet Oasis, Oasis, meet the readers. If you’re not familiar with Oasis floral foam, please be introduced. These bricks of various colored foams are to be soaked in water which they absorb like Sponge Bob. You can cut the bricks to fit in any container and then stick your stems down inside. The foam will hold the floral in place and makes it possible to use containers that wouldn’t naturally hold water. Any who, I put a stack of lemon in one corner, a live succulent in the other (a small potted succulent was $1.69 at Home Depot) and then added by various branches, berries, billy balls, and leaves to fill in the rest.


Ready for Show Time

If you used plastic be sure and trim it off so it doesn’t show. Once your done with your centerpiece you can remove the succulent and replant in your yard. Also, because they’re not fragile flowers they last for at least a week! Happy Arranging!!