Pallet Cleanser

ready for anything the garden throws at me

Sometimes the DIY life leads you to do semi-crazy things, like dragging a pallet into your car in your church clothes because you spotted it sitting there as you passed by a parking lot.  But that craziness (usually) pays off, because now I have this cool-looking, completely functional organizer for my gardening tools and seeds!  Originally I envisioned a really weathered look, using some rusted hooks… I was even planning to do a science-y tutorial on how to rust metal.  But then I discovered that hardware stores only sell hooks in brass or zinc-plated steel, neither of which rust, so we’ll have to save the chemistry lesson for another day.  If gardening’s not your thing, you could make yourself an organizer for regular tools.  Look for pallets in alleys and around store dumpsters, or if you’re having no luck finding one for free, check for places that sell them.

What you need:
assortment of screw-in hooks
pliers (optional)

Before you begin: Brush or hose off the pallet and pound in any nails that are sticking out.

drill, baby, drill

1. I found it helpful to lay out everything I planned to organize right on the pallet so I could figure out spacing of the hooks.  Once you’ve done that, choose a drill bit slightly smaller than the hook you’re screwing in and drill holes everywhere you want a hook. You can measure if you want it to be all level and perfect–I just eyeballed it and it turned out fine!  Be careful to avoid drilling into the nails that hold the pallet together.


2. Place a hook in each hole and screw in — make sure they’re screwed all the way in and are facing the correct direction.

a little elbow grease

3. The bigger hooks will go in easily, but the smaller ones will be more difficult.  If they get too tough to turn by hand, use a pair of pliers to get them all the way in.

hooked up

4. Aaaaand, done!  Lean against the wall of a shed or garage and organize away!


seeds n' seeds