Dinner In a Can: Penne Vodka

Canned Goods

I love special occasions, or lazy Sundays when I can devote hours to brining or basting and can make a sumptuous dinner completely from scratch. But most days, let’s be honest, I’m hanging on by a thread come six o’clock and starting from square one just isn’t going to happen. In these instances I’m pretty partial to (what I like to call) dinner in a can. Meaning I’m using totally prepackaged ingredients (that are already in the pantry) to create a yummy dinner that’s at least classier than mac n’ cheese.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Penne Pasta – I use whole wheat

Vodka Sauce – I buy a few jars at a time from the sauce section at the grocery store

1  Can of Diced Tomatoes – 16oz I like to get the one with “Italian spices”

1 Can of Diced Olives – 2.25oz

Marinated Artichokes – I had crowns in the fridge so I diced a couple but hearts work well too

Saucy Sauce

In a pot combine everything but pasta and heat through. Once heated allow to simmer over low heat. In a separate pot bring salted water to a boil. Add pasta and boil until just before it’s finished. I like to finish my pasta in the sauce because it absorbs the flavor of my sauce better. So just before the pasta is finished I drain quickly and then add to the sauce. I continue to cook it over a low simmer for a couple more minutes and then serve garnished with parmesan cheese.

Asparagus on the Side

I served mine with some baked asparagus and some fresh French bread. Dinner is served!

Good Enough to Eat