Oh Hello, Doily

lovely lace

Sooo, remember how last week I mentioned that spray painting things was addictive?  Yeah, I wasn’t making that up.  I found a pack of ten 8”x10” canvases on sale at Michael’s for $15, and immediately felt the need to take a can of paint to them.  Then I picked up an assortment of super cheap doilies, lace table runners, and paper doilies with interesting patterns at the dollar store.  That’s all you need to make some cool, insanely cheap wall art.  There’s a certain thrill that comes with painting on a canvas for the non-artistically enabled (like me!), and the satisfaction of making your own decor is unparalleled.  Paint cans up, guys!

What you need:
spray paint
smallish canvases
assortment of cheap doilies/lace etc.
plastic gloves (optional)
old sheet or tarp
card board box(es)

spray test

A note before starting: You may want to practice spraying over your doily/lacy thing on a piece of cardboard to see how it looks before committing to the real thing on canvas.  The crocheted doilies look a bit blurrier when you paint them, while the paper and lace are a little crisper — but it all depends on what you’ve got and what you’re going for!

base coat

1. Figure out what you want your base colors to be.  This is going to be the color your doily/lace appears to be after your do your second coat.  Shake your paint well, set each canvas on a box and spray evenly—don’t forget the sides.  Cover thoroughly, but try not to overdo it … you don’t want pools of paint in the middle of your canvas.

doily time

2. Let it dry for 15 minutes or so.  You’ll be able to see if there are still wet spots on the surface, so be patient and let it be until those are gone.  Maybe vacate the area before paint fumes mess with your brain?  And then, once it’s all dry, position your doily on the canvas and smooth out as flat as possible.

lace it up

3. Spray straight down in nice even strokes.  Cover thoroughly, but again—you don’t want to overdo it.  Lift up a corner to see if things are looking good, and carefully peel away if you’re satisfied.  If anything bad happens, like your paint can drips onto the canvas, or you don’t like how the pattern has turned out, don’t panic!  Just paint it solid and start again.

red and black

4. Let dry at least an hour, preferably a few.  And that’s it!  You have a lot of options when it comes to hanging these, but a simple approach is to buy some picture hangers (see below) and push into the wood of the canvas frame.

hang it all

Four steps?  FOUR STEPS?  I’m kicking myself for not trying this sooner.   I had an empty wall for an entire year, you guys!  Ridiculous.

just like Grandma used to make

simple paper doily magic

empty space no more