“7” Layer Dip

What We're Workin' With

Oh the 7 Layer Dip… every family has a recipe (at least where I come from they do) and some involved any multitude of layers and flavors. I personally want mine to be delicious, but we’re not reinventing the wheel here people! Meaning, I’m not doing everything from scratch (let’s save “scratch” for special occasions). Instead I buy ingredients pre-made then I doctor them up to my standards.

Beenie Weenie

The base to any layer dip are the beans. I like to mix my can with some salsa to give it a little kick (yes this could count as two layers but since they’re mixed together we’ll let it slide).


If I had all the time in the world (and three additional arms) I would make the guacamole fresh but A: avocados are out of season and B: I don’t have time to shower let alone take 3 hours to make a dip so I opted instead for the pre-made variety. Then I added sour cream, fresh lemon juice and chili powder… I promise, no one knew the difference but if you have your heart set on the fresh kind check out this recipe HERE

Lay it On Thick

Now layer your bean mixture in the bottom of a casserole dish. Add a second layer of the guacamole on top

Sour Cream

Now it’s a layer of good old sour cream


Add a layer of cheese, I used a Mexican blend but I’m also a big fan of sharp cheddar.

Red Onion

White onion would work too but I love the red onion for the color. Chop it up and add a layer!

All Ready

Lastly I topped everything off with some diced tomato, black olives and few green onions for color. Serve this up with tortilla chips and enjoy!!

Do I make 7 Layer dip the way you do? How is yours different, are there any layers I forgot?? Please share!!