1,000 Cans

1,000 Cans

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I’ve been trying to think of something fabulous we could do when we reach 1,000 fans on our Facebook Page … as I type this we’re at 982. At first I was thinking giveaways, or some great gift that a lucky fan could win but the more I thought about it, the more I wondered, maybe there’s something bigger we can do!

And so it came to me A Canned Food Drive where we (yes, I mean you too Chic Reader!) commit to collecting 1,000 cans for our local food pantry!!! Why canned food you ask? Because I am constantly aware how blessed I am to be able to experiment with food every day for this blog. Sometimes my recipe is successful, and sometimes it’s not… and when it’s not I can try again without ever worrying that my family wont get to eat that night. Tonight, in America 3.5 Million people are homeless, 1.6 Million are children… that’s just the numbers on homeless, that doesn’t include the numbers of low income or no income families who can’t afford to feed their children regularly.

So what can we do??

- Commit with us to collecting cans!! Send an email, call your friends, post a note on Facebook. Collect as much as you can (you’ll be surprised how helpful your friends are if you just ask!). Put a sign on your desk at work, ask your local grocery store if they’ll help.

- Send us the numbers so we can add it to our growing tally!! Take photos and post them to our Facebook page to inspire others!

- Now is the best part, go to your local food pantry and drop them off!! That way communities all over the country will be affected by our food drive. Don’t know a local pantry? Go to Feeding America and type in your zip code, they’ll tell you the nearest one.

You know as well as I do that we can’t fix the homeless problem, or even the hunger problem by one canned food drive. But you know what we can do? Affect SOME lives within our own communities, and inspire others to do the same. Now that’s something any Foodie can get behind and it sounds very Chic to me!

Cans from USC

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