Ring Around the Rosette …

pretty prezzie

I’m sadly not very good at sewing, but I love fabric, so what’s a girl to do?  These adorable rosettes are the perfect answer–no sewing, easy to make and super-versatile.  Time to wander into the fabric section and act like you know exactly what you’re doing, because we’re makin’ crafts!

What you’ll need:
fabric — a yard will be more than enough, and preferably a type that’s easy to rip/fray
tacky glue
hot glue gun
anything you want to affix your rosette to — pinback, hairpin, barrette, headband, etc.

Note: I got all of my pinbacks, hairpins, and alligator clips from the jewelry-making section at JoAnn’s … you could also raid your own stash of hair accessories for things to use.

time to strip!

1) Tear a strip of fabric 3/4 of an inch to an inch wide.  To get an idea of how much fabric you’ll need, a 90″ strip of fabric makes a rosette 1 and 3/4″ across, and a 36″ strip will you get you a flower that’s about an inch across.  You can always use multiple strips for a rosette to get the size you want!

fold n' glue

2) Fold one end of the strip in half and glue the ends together.

let's roll!

3) Add a dab of glue to your folded end and start rolling it up tightly.  You’ll want to add a couple of dabs of glue as you go to keep the center together.

getting started

4) Keep rolling!  You should twist the strip as you go to give your flower some interesting texture.  Since the raw edges add to the look of the flower, you’ll want that edge facing up most of the time, but keep twisting the fabric frequently to make the rosette more flower-like.


5) Every couple of inches, add a dab of glue to help keep things together, and keep rolling fairly tightly– not so tight that your flower ends up looking like a flat spool of ribbon, but tight enough that it stays put.

keep twisting

6) Don’t forget to keep twisting your fabric!

gluing down the tail

7) When you’ve got a couple of inches of fabric left, add a dab of glue and then fold the tail over.  Spread some glue across the back of your flower and press the end of the strip across it.  Trim anything that’s hanging over the edges.

finished product

.8) After the glue is dry, the world is literally your oyster.  You can attach your rosette to anything — pins, hairpins, headbands, barrettes …  You could make custom wedding hair flowers, or give them out as bridal shower favors.   I glued one to an alligator clip and dressed up a cheap paper gift bag in the two seconds it took to clip it on.  Or what about gluing one to a magnet? It’s almost like, what CAN’T you put these on?

pretty sweet, right?

This is the kind of craft that has endless variations — try two complimentary strips of fabric together, or cut leaves out of other colors of fabric and glue them to the bottom like I did.  Experiment with colors, sizes, clusters of small flowers.  You could add beads, buttons, ribbons.   Go forth and rosette, gang!  Next Friday’s Crafternoon Social: stenciled onesies!

fancying up some bags ...