Charred Balsamic Broccoli

Broc It to Me!

Broccoli is in season!! Furthermore, this broccoli recipe is so easy and delicious even those anti-broccoli readers out there will like it, I swear!!


2 Tbls of Balsamic

1 Tbls of Olive Oil

2 Garlic Cloves (pressed)

One Broccoli head (double the recipe if you do more)


Orange for zest


Mix oil, balsamic and garlic together. Wash and cut florets off of the broccoli head and place in a bowl. Pour oil and balsamic mixture over the broccoli and toss until well-coated. Place coated broccoli on tray and sprinkle with salt. Broil (I used my toaster oven) until well-charred (after about 10 minutes I flipped each piece so it would cook on each side). Once charred I grated some orange zest on top for color and a little kick. It’s SO good ya’ll, I never thought I could feel this way about broccoli. Honestly, you MUST try!