Mamacita’s Guacamole

Prep Work

In honor of Sawyer’s birthday today, I’m blogging his favorite thing… Mommy’s Guacamole!! It’s not necessarily authentic, but it is de-lish and I’ve received many a compliment over the years when friends come over for taco night.

What You’ll Need

3 Lrg Ripe Avocados

2 Tbls of Sour Cream (I use Lite)

2 Tomatoes (diced)

Lemon Juice (1/2 a lemon)

Garlic Salt (yep, we Okies put it in everything) – to taste

Chili Powder (the Secret ingredient) – to taste


Slice Avocados in half and remove the seed. Use a knife to score a diamond pattern into the avocado and scoop it into your bowl. FLASHBACK: When I was 16 I worked my way through Junior year at a deli and my boss was OBSESSED with not throwing a way even a speck of avocado because they’re so expensive. Thus, I became really good and scraping out every last morsel. Thus the avocado spread at that deli became known as “Avocado Gold” because it was so sacred.

Get to Mashin'

Use a fork to mash up all the avocado pieces. Add in sour cream, lemon juice, and tomatoes and blend well. Add in garlic salt and chili powder to taste, blend well. *PS – If you’re making this in advance, leave an avocado seed in the guacamole (at the bottom of the bowl) and it will keep the guacamole from browning.

Drinking Corona actually make you a better cook!

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