Half Baked

Turkey Lurkey

Turkey Lurkey

Insider information about Rachel Hollis… I spent many summers of my youth working at a deli, and I’m quite the expert dagwood stacker because of it.

Also, because of it, I’m super picky about any imposter sandwich shops who claim to be unique fresh delis, but really end up being just another turkey sandwich. However, I was SO excited today when I tried Just Baked in the Gas Co. building in downtown LA… the names says it all. All their breads are freshly baked and warm from the oven when they begin making your sandwich. 

The true test of a good sub is… if I get the “healthy” version, meaning no cheese, no “special sauce” etc will it still make me happy, and the answer is yes. And just imagine how much better it would have been if I could have had any of that tasty (although high caloried fare).

I loved the home made pickles and the surprise cookie they slip into your bag that both come with every sandwich. I really recommend the place for any of you Downtowners like myself who are tired of the fried food display at Famima.

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Back in 2004 when I was looking to name my events company, I stumbled across the word 'Chic' in an old dictionary. The definition was: “a fashionable lifestyle, ideology, or pursuit”. I fell in love with the word and the idea that chic is the pursuit of something better, prettier, or cooler than you are today. Chic isn’t a state of being or even a destination, chic is the journey you take on the way to something greater. ~Rachel

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