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Beer Belly or Flat Tummy??

Beer Belly or Flat Tummy??

Last week I told you about my journey for a flat tummy by the end of the month so I would be ready to impress in Cabo at my five year anniversary party. Well, a few things have happened since then… first off, Swine Flu and the overzealous, easily-terrified media, reporting that anyone heading down to Mexico would surely die from plague-like symptoms. That said, we had to pull the plug on that trip and rally for a new destination… Palm Springs it is!

I’ll admit the killing of the our plans also killed my motivation for a few hours. During those hours I drank quite a bit and may or may not have ordered nachos… it was Nirvana!

But enough of that, back on track this week… gym it up, spin again tonight, all kinds of crunches and a nice base coat tan to help me see the miniscule definition and cover up the massive pregnancy stretch marks. Sexy.

How’s everyone else doing?

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